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As with everything Alpha and Beta – everything can be changed. Nothing is final. This text may contain SPOILERS, if you do not wish to read it – that’s fine!


The hype is real

Last night, our entire team saw something appearing in their desktop clients: ‘In development – Alpha: Legion’. We had been hoping for this, but you never know for sure whether Blizzard will actually add you to the Alpha/Beta testing. I had been expecting Dunderz and Keehn to receive access quickly, due to their raid progression rankings. But for myself, it would be the first alpha/beta WoW invite ever. You can’t imagine the amount of *wooooo’s* that evening. The hype is real. And that hype is exactly what I’m going to use to give you guys a sneak preview of everything Legion! I will report of my adventures in this series.


The log-in screen of Legion Alpha.
The log-in screen of Legion Alpha.


Dorelei in Dalaran

I load my newly created ‘Dorelei’ draenei shaman in Dalaran. I’m level 100 and ilevel 680. Restoration isn’t available, but I’ll spec Elemental for the time being. It is way too exciting, I have to look around! I can’t resist the temptation of the Gust of Wind talent. Our new movement speed ability that leaps you forward on air. A shaman blink, or goblin jump if you will. I use the ability – a small tornado carries me forward. I am a flying wolf for just a moment.


If you see a wolf running around Dalaran in circles, gusting forward,
while saying *weeeee*… chances are you found me.


A little friendly ‘wind’ rushes past and says *Dorelei, quick, follow me!*. It reminds me of Shattrath, where you spend 15 minutes chasing a ghost – at a senior citizen approved speed, resisting the temptation to fall asleep. However, this one must be juvenile. Because he’s running away at full ghost wolf speed. I ‘gust’ after him to catch up. It leads me to Thrall, who says he has an urgent matter at The Maelstrom – he arranged a flight for me. I get flown in at the Maelstrom class halls.


Arriving at the class halls.
Arriving at the class halls in dark times.


United we stand

Out here it is all about the unity of us, shamans. I find myself going around and helping others in need – shamans from all around Azeroth have clearly started gathering here. Race, faction, none of that matters. The peace is interrupted. The Legion has found us. You fight off mobs as a team. Thrall fights a big baddie alone – refusing your help. You scout the place and take care of the weaker attackers. One mob keeps flying around in the air, a fellow shaman offers a spear to get it down.

As the immediate danger is taken care of, Thrall stands weakened. He looks at you to follow in his footsteps, if anyone is able to save Azeroth, it is you. Grand master shaman Dorelei – or at least that’s the vibe I’m getting. First, you have to proof your worth. Can you be trusted with a weapon that matches Thrall’s aspirations for you? Clearly I can’t show my restorative powers, because that spec is still unavailable in the game. I’ll just go with Elemental for now – to discover a little bit more.


Choosing your weapon.
Choosing your weapon.

I get flown to the temple of the white tiger.
Personal taxi services seem to be a thing in the upper rankings of the shaman order.
I can get used to this!

Proving your worth

Reghar joins me. The fact that Reghar changes in to wolf form whenever I do, is a nice detail. The first part of our test is a not very interesting fight with a Vrykul. Reghar and I poke him, and he falls over rather easily  – even with 680 green gear. We then proceed to part two: Lily and Chen Stormstout. The only Elemental connection I can see here is the fact that I’m with Reghar and that the sirname of our opponents is STORMstout. I’m a little bit confused. Why are we fighting the Pandaren followers? Why are we at the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun Lai? Why is there jade wind everwhere? Am I in the right place? This feels like the monk area? Is the shaman area not finished yet?

I disregard those questions. Fighting Chen and Lily is amazing! They seem to have copied the abilities from the characters in Heroes of the Storm, and that creates entertaining gameplay. Lily is running around quickly (with her elusive feet), throws a serpent at me, and heals Chen. Chen throws beer at me to slow me, and rolls around in a barrel. I have to choose who I attack first: Lily, the serpent or Chen. I’m going for Lily and her pet while dodging a barreling Chen. I love it!

The battle against Lily and Chen takes a while, which allows me to get the hang of this new Elemental vibe. Gust of Wind seems to port you in the direction you’re facing, rather than the way you are walking. Much like the mage glyph (?) that changes the way you can use blink. The new totem projection works very natural, smooth, and highly responsive. Although you will have to make explicit mouse movements across the screen – which as a healer means time lost in between target switching on raid frames.


The power is ours

We are sent up the mountain, the Fist of Ra-den floats in the middle of the room. It is mine for the taking. I walk up, and grab the weapons… the power is immense. It is hard to control (think Once Upon a Time where someone tries to get in control of their powers). I am trying not to hurt others around me, and myself included. There is lightning everywhere! But something is not right. Wielding the power of these weapons is attracting the attention of others. The Legion sensed someone equipped the weapons, and they are coming for me!


Dorelei's adventures no1 equipping fists
Equipping the Fist of Ra-Den.


Struggling to control your power.
Struggling to control your power.


The weapon bursts with lava and lightning power.
The weapon bursts with lava and lightning power.


Still struggling to wield the weapons as the Legion finds you.
Still struggling to wield the weapons as the Legion finds you.

Minions of the Legion enter the halls as I still struggle to control the power. Will I be able to defend myself? Will I be able to attack? There is only one way to find out! I have no choice but to defeat them as more and more enter the building. Lord Kra’vos enters. I pull him before I kill all the minions (raiding mistake no.1 tunnel-visioning the boss). I die, I reincarnate and I disconnect.


I reconnect a few hours later, and find myself having to re-do the quest. This time I go for the adds first. My allies are being hold in the orbs. Once I’ve freed them, we take on Lord Kra’vos together.


Minions of the Legion hold Lily, Chen and Reghar in void orbs.
Minions of the Legion hold Lily, Chen and Reghar in void orbs.


After freeing them, you fight Lord Kra'vos.
After freeing them, you fight Lord Kra’vos together.


I’m being offered a portal which takes me back to the Maelstrom. High profile shamans are waiting for me and call me Farseer. I’m invited to claim my place as wielder of the Fist of Ra-Den.


Your proven ability to wield the Fist of Ra-den it rewarded with an invitation.
Your proven ability to wield the Fist of Ra-den it rewarded with an invitation.


You claim your position as wielder of the weapon and farseer, leader of the shamans.
You claim your position as wielder of the weapon and farseer, leader of the shamans in the offensive against the Legion.


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