What is a Discord?

Discord is a mix of an IRC / MSN style chat, combined with the functionalities of a Teamspeak / Raidcall etc. Groups can be created, and you can get access to these groups through invite links. It allows you to participate in multiple groups in the same place. For example, you can keep track of chat in both your guild and a group of friends. Voice and chat channels are separated. Meaning you can have a text chat somewhere, while talking elsewhere. You can also read back all the text you’ve missed. Pretty convenient. If you want a place for a few of your friends, you can create a server for free. The phone app is also pretty great. Allowing you to quickly inform your guild or friends that you might be late to some event, without having to log in on some website. Since they can read messages when they log on, you don’t have to worry about it being missed.
The most excited participants so far seem to be the people that are part of a lot of different groups, so they can stay in touch with everyone through the same application. Meme-lovers find it a good place as well, as shared content in the text channels (pictures, documents, video’s) will display a preview. Overall, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of this platform in Legion.

So what about the shaman Discord?

Each class has its own Discord, moderated by a lot of the leading theory crafters and writers in each respective field. A great way to stay in touch with your favorite content producers, raiders and players that play the same spec and class as you. Naturally, you can find us on the shaman Discord which is fittingly called Earthshrine.

So how do I join the party?

First you have to download the desktop client. Yes, there is a browser version of the app, but the desktop client outperforms, just download it. You now have an empty Discord (you’re not connected to any groups yet). You can join groups by going to an invite link in your browser which someone will have to share with you. There are two types of links (as I understand it): a temporary link and a permanent link. As you can probably guess, the temporary link will only be available for a limited amount of time or users. The permanent link until someone changes it (again assuming). The following link should be an unexpiring invite to Earthshrine:



So ehm, how does this work?

I’ll talk you through the basic idea. Let’s take a look at this image:
Discord example
This is an overview of my Discord:

  • On the top left hand side, you can see how many friends you have online (I currently have zero online xD).
  • Below the ‘friends online count’, you can see all the different groups I’m part of. Currently I’m active in the Earthshrine group which is marked with a white highlight in front of the icon.
  • In the yellow square, you can see all the text channels of the Earthshrine Discord. This is separated from voice chat, and you can always read messages back later. In the middle of the screen you can see the text chat of the text channel I’m currently actively looking at (#restoration).
  • In the red square, you can see the voice channels of this particular Discord server (there’s more when you scroll). This is where the actual voice chat happens.
  • Below the red square you can see I am voice connected to the AFK channel on the Macho Men discord server (one of the guilds I’m in).
  • On the right side, you see everyone who is participating in this particular Discord Server.


Cani’s Top Tips!

But wait! That’s not all! Canibehealz knows that a lot of people struggle with all the notifications that come with joining busy Discord servers. Therefore, he wants to share his top tips on how to configure notifications on Discord. I’ll pass the word to Cani (click on the images to enlarge):
“By clicking this menu drop down, you can access the settings menu.”
“Selecting “Notification Settings” will allow a user to customize what they want to see from each channel in the server they are now a member of.”
“After selecting “Notification Settings” you should see a window like this one. You can select global options for the entire server in the red highlighted section and channel specific notifications in the yellow highlighted section. “All” will notify you whenever any message is sent in that channel. “Mentions” notifies you if someone uses @(Your Name) to ping you. And “Nothing” will stop all notifications from alerting you from that specific text channel.”
So there you have it, Canibehealz Top Tips! You can follow Canibehealz on Twitter (@Canibehealz) and say hi to him on Discord.

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