Cooldowns are a big part of your healing, and should therefore be used carefully and with thought. Healer cooldowns should in almost every single case be seperated and split up to cover more ground (avoid overlap). This will not only benefit the group in having more tools to deal with tough situations, but it will also add value to each healer’s cooldown when they are used.


Healing Tide

This cooldown is an amazing tool for dealing with heavy raid damage, be it: stacked, spread, stationary or on the move. We also have the added bonus of being able to cast or move while our cooldown is pumping out healing.



You have to optimize movement when you know it’s about time to use Ascendance. The amount of healing gained from this is directly proportional with the healing you push out. Should it happen that you have to move while under this effect, use Spiritwalker’s Grace to maximize its efficiency. For added value you can drop a Healing Rain on the group and go nuts with Chain Heals for the next 15 seconds.


Spirit Link

This cooldown is what makes resto shamans so versatile. It can be used in many different situations:

  • Can be used as a tank cooldown (for example Xhul’horac Mythic when both adds are up).
  • Can be used on the raid, while stacked, during heavy damage to ensure that all allies have the same health (Will make healing more efficient since all allies are below 100%, can add value to other cooldowns). An example is Gorefiend’s feast of souls phase.
  • Can be used to even out health and add damage reduction as the raid is about to take a hit (think about Kormrok’s grasping hands).


Dunderz: consider using Totemic Projection (talent) during Spirit Link /Healing Tide. You might be able to use your cooldowns in different places on the same use. 


You have to take a lot of things into consideration, as you try to optimize your cooldowns. You want to cast them as frequently as possible and still use them at the most efficient moments. Don’t hesistate to look back on your logs and see if there’s more and/or better ways to use them in a fight.

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4 years ago

That feeling when healing tide barely overheals <3

4 years ago

I love EoE for 2x SLT. <3