A few of you guys have been sharing your healer UI on our site in response to Keehn’s post (which you can find here). Looking at these made me realize something. Apparently you have three types of types of UI’s: the Overview Healer, the In-Your-Face Healer, and the Stuck-in-Past-Ways Healer.

When your job is to heal a raid, you adjust your UI accordingly. All of a sudden the raid frames are a lot more important. They need to be easily accessible with your mouse to apply spells and you need to view stuff like debuffs, HotS, shields and incoming heals. When you’re a DPS you can just hide your raid frames away in a corner. Make them uber petite and give them cool and straightforward looks. As a healer… not so much. You’re going to have to position that big and clunky raid frame. But where?


Healer of the past

One of the things I see, is a healer I like to call the Stuck in Past Ways. The raid frame is positioned all the way to the left (like the default Blizzard raid frame). It looks like an overgrown party frame and it is at the furthest possible width from the center.

Stuck in past ways healer


Driving styles

The other two I’d like to compare with drivers. Ever since portable car navigation has been introduced (i.e. TomTom and smart phones with navigation), two different breeds of mankind have started to develop. The Overview Driver and the In-Your-Face Driver.

In-your-face driver

The In-Your-Face Driver goes by the principle: if you want to see it, you have to put it right in front of you. This means, that they will look for a way to attach their navigation screen (albeit TomTom or phone) somewhere on their windshield.

Overview driver

The Overview Driver however, goes by the principle: I need to integrate this somewhere in/on my dashboard, so I don’t lose my full view on the road. They will probably attach their navigation to the air ventilation gaps or hook it onto other clever hooks and crannies.


Healing styles

To translate that to healing, this is what it looks like:

In-your-face healer

Overview healer

Personally, I’m an Overview Driver. I don’t want to limit my view of the battlefield by sticking raid frames right next to my character. I do understand the efficiency of the positioning, and the convenience of having the frames visually so close. However to me, the value of seeing incoming abilities, and people running/positioning is a lot more valuable.

What kind of driver/healer are you? Are you stuck in the past, in-your-face or do like to keep the overview?

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3 years ago

As a resto shaman it is far more valuable to be able to have a clear view of everything. With raid mechanics, boss abilities, raid positioning and everything else going on It makes the most sense to be an overview healer. I am able to heal the raid while still being able to remain aware of everything going on in the raid. I cant express how much it helps to keep your field of view open whilst still having your UI components nearby.

3 years ago

I am a mix between in your face and overview healer.

4 years ago

I have always been a overview healer, but back when the game came out it could be a slight problem in bigger raids since my screen was pretty small back then. Returned to legion after a long break (Before Cataclysm was released), and I’m still back to overview. With a larger screen size It’s a lot smoother for me now and I like to see the surroundings to my left and right as good as I possibly can. Tracking is usually centered around my character though so I always have them visible even when I’m looking at the raid-frames.

Will be fun to see how well I will do in raids now though, since It’s been so long since I played resto shaman 🙂

4 years ago

I am a PVP resto shaman so I have to be in your face in rated 2’s and 3’s and RBG’s.

4 years ago

I think I’m some kind of hill-billy inbred version of the two. All of my WeakAuras are right there centered around my avatar, while all of the keybindings and bars/effects are located round the lower 20% of my screen. (Also when I drive, I tend to not use any navigational devices or my cell phone.) I would like to patent the Over-your-face healer type.