WoD Boss Guides

All the guides we published on being a Resto Shaman in Warlords of Draenor raids.

Mythic guide to Fel Lord Zakuun

Wondering how to outrun those seeds of destruction? This is our mythic Fel Lord Zakuun guide.

Mythic guide to Mannoroth

This enormous bag of bones is the second to last to stand in your way. This is our guide to mythic Mannoroth.

Mythic guide to Hellfire High Council

When do you dispel the debuffs? Find out about our Mythic Council strategies.

Mythic guide to Gorefiend

Windwalk your way through the fight. This is our guide to mythic Gorefiend.

Mythic guide to Socrethar the Eternal

From apocalyptic felburst to gift of the man'ari. This is our mythic Socrethar guide.

Mythic guide to Xhul’horac

Grounding totem is the name of the game. Find out why in our mythic Xhul'horac guide.

Guide to Archimonde Mythic

From desecrate to void star. This is our guide to mythic Archimonde.