WoD Boss Guides

All the guides we published on being a Resto Shaman in Warlords of Draenor raids.

Mythic guide to Fel Lord Zakuun

Wondering how to outrun those seeds of destruction? This is our mythic Fel Lord Zakuun guide.

Mythic guide to Socrethar the Eternal

From apocalyptic felburst to gift of the man'ari. This is our mythic Socrethar guide.

Mythic guide to Shadow-Lord Iskar

Dispelling, interrupting and juggling the eye. This is our Mythic Iskar guide.

Mythic guide to Kilrogg Deadeye

How do you surivive the vision? Find out about our Mythic Killrog strategy.

Mythic guide to Hellfire High Council

When do you dispel the debuffs? Find out about our Mythic Council strategies.

Mythic guide to Kormrok

Our guide to Mythic Kormrok.

Mythic guide to Hellfire Assault

The mythic nitty and gritty to Hellfire Citadel - just for you: the resto shaman.