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Dorelei’s Legion alpha adventure #2: the Restoration artifact

Dorelei ventures across the Legion alpha in search for the Restoration artifact.

Dorelei’s Legion alpha adventure #1: the Elemental artifact

Obligatory warning As with everything Alpha and Beta – everything can be changed. Nothing is final. This text may contain SPOILERS, if you do not...

A glimpse of the shaman class halls

A sneak sandbox preview Something appeared on the interwebs a few days ago. Pictures of the shaman class halls at the Maelstrom. This area isn't...

Legion: changes to spells and talents!

  With Blizzcon two weeks behind us, the information about Legion starts coming in slowly. Last night (on WoW's 11th birthday), the Alpha was released. It...

Resto shaman class preview for Legion

Last night, the (resto) shaman class preview for Legion was released. Since we adore resto shamans, we are eager to share our thoughts with...

More artwork released for ‘The Scepter of Azshara’

On the second day of Blizzcon, more artwork has been released for 'The Scepter of Azshara'. Whether this actually is artwork for the resto...

Resto shaman artifact weapon announced

On the first night of Blizzcon, information about Legion was published on All artifact weapons have been announced, including the resto shaman weapon:...

Item upgrades in patch 6.2.3

Item upgrades returning in 6.2.3 With the upcoming patch (6.2.3), we will see item upgrades returning. It will be the homecoming of an old friend/foe: Valor Points. We...
Healers on Final Boss TV

Resto shaman on Final Boss TV!

Last Sunday, we were all tuned in for another episode of Final Boss TV. It was a special episode. Not only was it number 100,...'s resto shaman authors – the new resto shaman website!

This is a very special moment for us. We've brought a bunch of awesome shamans together, to bring you this website:! We aim...