Tomb of Sargeras

All ChainHeal posts on being a Resto Shaman in Tomb of Sargeras.

Stat distribution in Tomb of Sargeras

Wondering what stat priority to use? These stat priorities are being used in Tomb of Sargeras progress by some of the best resto shamans.

How to analyze your logs (traditional method)

We will look at how to analyze these issues from 3 different perspectives: Spell Breakdown, Raid Cooldowns, and Overhealing.

Set bonuses and off pieces in Tomb of Sargeras

Tier gear and off pieces. To equip or not to equip? We answer your questions regarding tier and off pieces!

Legendaries in Tomb of Sargeras

We've ranked all Restoration Shaman legendaries into three tiers so you know exactly which ones you want to equip.