How to play

Article hub with posts on how to play your restoration shaman in WoW.

State of the resto shaman: start of Nighthold

See what Adam, Canibehealz and Keehn have to say about resto shamans in this episode of Final Boss TV.

Preparing for The Nighthold and 7.1.5

Calling all resto shamans: prepare for the Nighthold with our interactive questionnaire!

BEGINNER SERIES: rotation guide while leveling

Discover how your rotation evolves while leveling. A handy reference guide for a new resto shaman.

BEGINNER SERIES: spell reference guide

A reference guide while leveling and a thorough explanation per spell for the curious and/or beginning resto shaman.

Resto shaman guide on how to maximize Cloudburst Totem

Find out how to maximize your Cloudburst Totem bursts!

Stat priorities, removal of spirit, and mana!

Find out which gear pieces you might have to change in the patch, and what stats to go for.

Talents and glyphs at Legion launch

Find out what talents to pick in the pre-patch / Legion!

Our casting rotation at Legion launch

This is the rotation we will use at the start of Legion!

Resto shaman leveling guide: level 71-80

Leveling a resto shaman? This guide keeps you informed of all the changes as you level up. This is the Wrath of the Lich King edition: level 71-80.

Resto shaman leveling guide: level 61-70

Leveling a resto shaman? This guide keeps you informed of all the changes as you advance in levels. This is The Burning Crusade edition: levels 61-70.

Resto shaman leveling guide: level 1-60

Leveling a resto shaman? This guide keeps you informed at each level. Helping you to understand your resto shaman to the fullest.

Healing skills #3: becoming a cooldown canon!

Third in our series on healing skills. An in-depth article about preplanning your cooldowns.

Cooldowns; maximizing their effectiveness

Cooldowns are a big part of your healing, and should therefore be used carefully and with thought. Healer cooldowns should in almost every single...

Totems in overview

School of elements All of your totems belong to a specific school of elements. In total there are four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. When...

Resto shaman utility in raids

Resto shamans are such versatile healers, because they possess such a broad variety of tools to use. This high level of utility usually means...

Spells and their uses

Before starting a fight: Buff with food: Sleeper Sushi (+125 mastery) > Savage Feast (+100 mastery) Buff with flask: Greater Draenic Intellect Flask (+250...