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How to analyze your logs (traditional method)

We will look at how to analyze these issues from 3 different perspectives: Spell Breakdown, Raid Cooldowns, and Overhealing.

Set bonuses and off pieces in Tomb of Sargeras

Tier gear and off pieces. To equip or not to equip? We answer your questions regarding tier and off pieces!

Legendaries in Tomb of Sargeras

We've ranked all Restoration Shaman legendaries into three tiers so you know exactly which ones you want to equip.

Featured Nighthold playstyle: Seksi

A little introduction is required, as this is my first post. I am Seksi. I have been playing since vanilla and one of...

Mythic guide to Chronomatic Anomaly

Prepare for mythic Nighthold progress with our mythic Chronomatic Anomaly guide for Restoration Shamans.

Mythic guide to Skorpyron

Screenshot credit: Cinderstorm   Talents What talents were used during progress in the Nighthold on mythic Skorpyron, you may ask. This fight had a low average number of...

State of the resto shaman: start of Nighthold

See what Adam, Canibehealz and Keehn have to say about resto shamans in this episode of Final Boss TV.

Questionnaire analysis: trinkets, jewelry and relics

This is part 3 of our questionnaire analysis. This time we are taking a look at trinkets, jewelry (necks and rings), and relics. A...

Questionnaire analysis: what talents do you use?

We created a questionnaire to investigate how people are playing their resto shaman as patch 7.1.5 and the Nighthold arrive. This provides us with...

Questionnaire analysis: what stat prio do you use?

What stat priority do other resto shamans use? Are they changing anything now the secondary stats are altered? Find out with us as we analyze the questionnaire results.

Healing Trial of Valor – heroic

Thoughts on Odyn Odyn is a fight that we shamans dislike in a few ways. People are spread all over the place. There are clusters...

The launch of Legion – state of the resto shaman

How are you going to play your shaman in Legion? Find out what our plans and strategies are!

Our casting rotation at Legion launch

This is the rotation we will use at the start of Legion!

Ask us Anything – Legion Edition

This is the brand-spanking-new Legion edition of our beloved 'Ask us anything' thread. Here's how we go about it: Feel free to ask a...

What you can expect from us when the expansion hits

This is what we will be doing when Legion hits!

Serpent’s Coil – another artifact look

We now know how to obtain yet another artifact look: the Serpent's Coil.

The different artifact looks, and how to unlock them

Discover how you can unlock all the artifact looks.

What raid testing is like: tales of a testing noob

Another adventure by Dorelei on the alpha of Legion. She shares what her raid testing experiences are like.