An overview of all in depth articles ChainHeal has published regarding Resto Shamans in World of Warcraft (WoW).

Looking back on HFC – 8 months into the tier

Has anything changed since the start of the tier? We review our recommendations.

Dorelei’s Legion alpha adventure #2: the Restoration artifact

Dorelei ventures across the Legion alpha in search for the Restoration artifact.

Resto shaman utility in raids

Resto shamans are such versatile healers, because they possess such a broad variety of tools to use. This high level of utility usually means...

Item upgrades in patch 6.2.3

Item upgrades returning in 6.2.3 With the upcoming patch (6.2.3), we will see item upgrades returning. It will be the homecoming of an old friend/foe: Valor Points. We...

Comparing healers with drivers: what kind of healer are you?

A few of you guys have been sharing your healer UI on our site in response to Keehn’s post (which you can find here). Looking...

What raid testing is like: tales of a testing noob

Another adventure by Dorelei on the alpha of Legion. She shares what her raid testing experiences are like.

Legion: changes to spells and talents!

  With Blizzcon two weeks behind us, the information about Legion starts coming in slowly. Last night (on WoW's 11th birthday), the Alpha was released. It...

How to analyze your logs (traditional method)

We will look at how to analyze these issues from 3 different perspectives: Spell Breakdown, Raid Cooldowns, and Overhealing.

Cooldowns; maximizing their effectiveness

Cooldowns are a big part of your healing, and should therefore be used carefully and with thought. Healer cooldowns should in almost every single...

More artwork released for ‘The Scepter of Azshara’

On the second day of Blizzcon, more artwork has been released for 'The Scepter of Azshara'. Whether this actually is artwork for the resto...

Healing skills #3: becoming a cooldown canon!

Third in our series on healing skills. An in-depth article about preplanning your cooldowns.

Reporting on alpha build no. 21063

Straight from the volatile alpha: an update! What changed, what hasn't, what will.. Find out everything resto shaman right here.

Featured Nighthold playstyle: Seksi

A little introduction is required, as this is my first post. I am Seksi. I have been playing since vanilla and one of...
Healers on Final Boss TVvideo

Resto shaman on Final Boss TV!

Last Sunday, we were all tuned in for another episode of Final Boss TV. It was a special episode. Not only was it number 100,...

Alpha build in review – state of the resto shaman

The team gathers at the class halls to discuss our new talent build and artifact tree.

Resto shaman guide on how to maximize Cloudburst Totem

Find out how to maximize your Cloudburst Totem bursts!

Healing skills #2: log analysis

If you ask for log-analysis on our site, chances are you will get a response from Keehn. From our team, he's the one most...

The launch of Legion – state of the resto shaman

How are you going to play your shaman in Legion? Find out what our plans and strategies are!