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Healing Trial of Valor – heroic

Thoughts on Odyn Odyn is a fight that we shamans dislike in a few ways. People are spread all over the place. There are clusters...

Did you discover the shaman Discord yet?

Join your fellow resto shamans on Earthshrine!

Resto shaman artifact weapon announced

On the first night of Blizzcon, information about Legion was published on All artifact weapons have been announced, including the resto shaman weapon:...

Featured Nighthold playstyle: Seksi

A little introduction is required, as this is my first post. I am Seksi. I have been playing since vanilla and one of...

The launch of Legion – state of the resto shaman

How are you going to play your shaman in Legion? Find out what our plans and strategies are!

Dorelei’s Legion alpha adventure #2: the Restoration artifact

Dorelei ventures across the Legion alpha in search for the Restoration artifact.

Serpent’s Coil – another artifact look

We now know how to obtain yet another artifact look: the Serpent's Coil.

Dorelei’s Legion alpha adventure #1: the Elemental artifact

Obligatory warning As with everything Alpha and Beta – everything can be changed. Nothing is final. This text may contain SPOILERS, if you do not...

Cooldowns; maximizing their effectiveness

Cooldowns are a big part of your healing, and should therefore be used carefully and with thought. Healer cooldowns should in almost every single...

Raid testing and beta patch notes

Cloudburst totem steps up to the stage. Find out why and how!

The shaman meet up: Canibehealz

 An interview Dorelei: 'Something special happens when a conversation takes places between two people that barely know each other, but share a great passion for...

Totems in overview

School of elements All of your totems belong to a specific school of elements. In total there are four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. When...

The different artifact looks, and how to unlock them

Discover how you can unlock all the artifact looks.

Healing skills #2: log analysis

If you ask for log-analysis on our site, chances are you will get a response from Keehn. From our team, he's the one most...

Resto shaman utility in raids

Resto shamans are such versatile healers, because they possess such a broad variety of tools to use. This high level of utility usually means...

State of the resto shaman: BETA edition

We dive into the Legion beta, to see how you can get the most out of your resto shaman.

A glimpse of the shaman class halls

A sneak sandbox preview Something appeared on the interwebs a few days ago. Pictures of the shaman class halls at the Maelstrom. This area isn't...

An introduction into ranking by Halûcinogen

Our main goal during progress is to down bosses as fast as possible. Ranking doesn’t really matter as long as you execute what your...