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This is the brand-spanking-new Legion edition of our beloved ‘Ask us anything’ thread. Here’s how we go about it:

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UPDATE: Lately, we’ve been unable to answer to this thread within short time frames. Our focus remains to provide content for patches and raid releases. Thank you for understanding :).

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Hello! I was wondering what do you guys think about swapping a Hightened Senses 880 trinket with a socket to an Aluriel’s Mirror 915 +leech ?


What Health potion do you guys use in raids? Is rejuv potion viable? it restores the same hp as Health potion and slightly less mana than mana pot


Ancient Healing Potion is the most optimal health potion to use. It does more healing than a healthstone, and doesn’t share a CD with mana pots.


I use “Potion of Prolonged Power” as pre-pot and “Leytorrent Potion” in combat, because “Leytorrent Potion” has one cd with “Ancient Rejuvenation Potion”, but “Leytorrent Potion” give more mana.


Can someone explain me onething?
Tonight I founded an armory of Serenity’s shaman Sokila, and I got some questions. Here is armory-link:
So, first: why he stack haste? So little amount of crit and useless darkmoon trinket, why? What benefit from this?
Second: Mark of the Ancient Priestess? Why?
Third: So much high-ilvl warforged items with sockets… I’m burning with envy!


First: He/she might be going for a haste build, something Keehn has pioneered, focusing on healing wave/ surge than CH, using that to spotheal and feed good CBT’s with CDs (AG + Ascendance) for AoE healing. As for the trinket, i think it was for some testing, from what i see on armory, he has urn + brine.
Second: Now this i dont know 100%, but i would imagine that he feels that he/she has enough mastery as is and that he would benefit more from Priestess,
Third: Cant help you with that, other than i feel your pain… Been weeks since i last saw a socket..
Feel free to correct me if im wrong.


[This may have been asked before?]

TL;DR: Is there a Resto (Heal) version of SimulationCraft out there in the twisted nether?

I use SimulationCraft for my Elemental spec for Pawn stat weights. Is there a similar ‘way’ to formulate stat weights, not general ones (ie. Noxxic/ IceyVeins) specific to my character? I generally know what my primary is: Mastery, Crit, Haste, Vers. But, as with SC, I’d love to crunch it down further and get to the bottom of my moist heals. TIA


Healing, particularly for Resto Shamans, cannot be “simulated” without making a large number of generalizations and assumptions about the raid that very often change in real time. You can gear around a raid being at 20% HP and that will give you such a large prioritization on Mastery that youll often ignore Intellect but in reality the raid isnt at 20% the entire time. Simulation math is, to use Keehns words, something that you do for dps that generally is not the type of math that you apply to healing.


Thinking to go Crit over Mastery for last bosses of heroic and for start mythic. I, and my other 3 healers, have 25%+ overhealing. 22-25 ppl with four healers, and 30-40% overhealing with me and 4 other healers. In chase of good rate in scada, and for not going oom and not going to heal with single-target spells (Yeah, I know, I’m crazy, but I still have a 3.3.5 patch in my head), my 108% of mastery make me bored and die in envy, while raid have more then 50% of hp, but other healers (monk, hpala, druid. and another druid if we go in 5 healers) do more effective healing. And when I see myself on bottom… ugh. And even with high damage on my raid, I can’t go top. I hate myself. I know, it’s not right to scale healer efficient with scada, but… but other healers do MORE EFFECIENT HEAL, while I’m waiting for a moment when raid will die and when I will use my mastery. I hate myself. I hate my mastery. 108% of useless stat, which not bring pleasure for me.


Not one for asking for help but i am stumped on this one. Currently have +357 Crit, +505 Mastery cloak(880) equipped. Just finished LFR and got tier cloak drop(860 ilvl with socket). Now on its own i know the 880 is better but if i equip the tier cloak it would give me the 4p bonus. Is the 4 piece bonus worth the 20 ilvl drop on the cloak?