Ask us Anything – Legion Edition 201

This is the brand-spanking-new Legion edition of our beloved ‘Ask us anything’ thread. Here’s how we go about it:

  1. Feel free to ask a question below a specific post if it concerns the topic – it always improves the quality of the post!
  2. If you want feedback on your logs, head to the forum (Link Your Logs section) – it tends to cloud up the post comments.
  3. None of the above? Post right here!

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What frost relic from the Nighthold do you suspect will be most beneficial for your chain heal raid build profile? Queen Ascendant seems the most logical to me but I wasn’t sure how good Wavecrash would be considering our 4piece bonus and the recent buff to HST. Looking for your opinion.


I was wondering what im doing wrong? i always feel like im underperforming and i dont know what to do to improve. So is it something wrong with my spell priority? or is it my gear? well idk heres my log and my gear:

would love if some could give me answers 🙂


If you could please post in this forum: that would be awesome. Here it might get lost or not looked at.


I need some clarification on Chain Heal. From my understanding it heals for: X, (0.7)X, (0.7^2)X, (0.7^3)X, where 0.7 represents a 30% drop off for each target. I’m also under the impression that crit will affect each target independently, meaning that just because the first target is a crit, the subsequent targets will not necessarily be crits (unless you’re super lucky).

1) Does mastery act independently, similar to crit? Or will a CH on low health initial target lead to a bigger CH on subsequent targets?

2) How does Deluge work? Does it grant the 20% boost independently, by checking to see if each target is affected by Healing Rain or Riptide and applying to just them? Or does the talent boost all of the targets, just needing the initial target to be affected by HR/Riptide?


My initial thought was that mastery interacts with each jump of CH independently, but I wasn’t absolutely sure so I did some digging around to be sure.

I couldn’t find much about it recently, but there’s some old discussions from shortly after mastery was introduced that were helpful. It appears that my intuition was right – the mastery healing increase is calculated separately for each jump of chain heal. Here’s a source, if you want to take a look:

As for deluge, I’m not 100% certain how it works. If I had to guess I’d say it’s independent too, but I can’t find a confirmation on that. I know that the old riptide healing boost (+25% to CH if cast on a target with riptide) applied to the entire CH – so as long as the primary heal was on the riptide target, every other jump would get the healing increase too. Given how similar that is to deluge (I believe deluge is partly based on it), it’s possible that the riptide component of deluge works that way as well, but I’m not certain. Some testing would need to be done.

Also, you’re correct about crit affecting each CH target independently.


What Artifacts? Got a writeup?


You read more information about the artifact builds here:


In an ideal world where you could just choose which traits you’d like your relic slots to be, which would be the best 2 to choose (for raiding primarily)?