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This is the brand-spanking-new Legion edition of our beloved ‘Ask us anything’ thread. Here’s how we go about it:

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UPDATE: Lately, we’ve been unable to answer to this thread within short time frames. Our focus remains to provide content for patches and raid releases. Thank you for understanding :).

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So I currently have the problem of deciding between a 880 drape of shame or my 895 tier cloak. My crit can be adjusted between 22-28% without much change in ilevel. I know a lot of things go into this discussion such as playstyle/relics/set bonus’s and much more like the recent nerf to Drape of shame, but what’s the general thought on something like this?


Do you loose 4set for drape ? Then no, its deffo not worth.
If you can keep 4set and get drake thats good, but it kind of depends on the trade off ๐Ÿ™‚
I know it isnt much, but im having abit of the same problem, Drape 905 + teir legs 890 + socket or Teir cloak 925 with 905 legs (mastery haste).
5% on crit or raw stats… Is hard to say, but i tend to go for stats, since you know you have them and Im never a fan of rng when it comes to healing.


Hello everyone, first time asking anything on Chain Heal and I hope you guys can give me some advice.
It regards legendaries, big surprise there hehe!
At the moment I have Jonat, Prydaz, Intact Nazjatar Molting and today got Nobundo’s Redemption! I intend on using Jonat, so now just need to decide on which other one to use along with it, I’ve been using Prydaz (as only got the other two recently) and I find that the shield is a great tool not just in raids but also for my m+ runs. So my question is really, considering the ones I have, could anyone give me some advice as to what could be the best set-up? Or if I should prefer one of the other two over Prydaz in raid situations?
Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚


In addition to this do you think the Nobundo’s buff will make it better than ring/boots/trinket?


Sorry for the late reply!
But No i do not see a Nobundo’s being better than any of the above mentioned leggos.

As for the first question:
Jonats is great for almost any fight (if you are using CH), Prydaz is great for progression fights.
INM isn’t that good, you rarely get any value out it.
MAYBE in M+ but still i find i really lackluster.


Nobundoโ€™s Redemption was my first leg and i found it`s almost useless.


I have a doubt, someone can asnwer me when or which boss/ boss it is better to use Vellen Legendary trinket and legendary boots?


What legendary should i get before i can switch my loot spec for ench?
I have Elemental Rebalancers (boots), Nobundo’s Redemption (bracers) and Roots of Shaladrassil (legs) and not quite happy with it. Bad part is that we don’t have “omg i want it” legends.


Resto BIS are glove and feet, and you can also use trinket, replacing it with boots, with the tier set bonus your glove is the BIS.


this information is like i’d tell you: “The most healthy food is being sold at McDonalds”!
Resto BIS are gloves combined with legs, and 3rd place is the ring (Jonats) ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello! I was wondering what do you guys think about swapping a Hightened Senses 880 trinket with a socket to an Aluriel’s Mirror 915 +leech ?