Ask us Anything – Legion Edition 223

This is the brand-spanking-new Legion edition of our beloved ‘Ask us anything’ thread. Here’s how we go about it:

  1. Feel free to ask a question below a specific post if it concerns the topic – it always improves the quality of the post!
  2. If you want feedback on your logs, head to the forum (Link Your Logs section) – it tends to cloud up the post comments.
  3. None of the above? Post right here!

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UPDATE: Lately, we’ve been unable to answer to this thread within short time frames. Our focus remains to provide content for patches and raid releases. Thank you for understanding :).

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I have a doubt, someone can asnwer me when or which boss/ boss it is better to use Vellen Legendary trinket and legendary boots?


What legendary should i get before i can switch my loot spec for ench?
I have Elemental Rebalancers (boots), Nobundo’s Redemption (bracers) and Roots of Shaladrassil (legs) and not quite happy with it. Bad part is that we don’t have “omg i want it” legends.


Resto BIS are glove and feet, and you can also use trinket, replacing it with boots, with the tier set bonus your glove is the BIS.


Hello! I was wondering what do you guys think about swapping a Hightened Senses 880 trinket with a socket to an Aluriel’s Mirror 915 +leech ?


What Health potion do you guys use in raids? Is rejuv potion viable? it restores the same hp as Health potion and slightly less mana than mana pot


Ancient Healing Potion is the most optimal health potion to use. It does more healing than a healthstone, and doesn’t share a CD with mana pots.


I use “Potion of Prolonged Power” as pre-pot and “Leytorrent Potion” in combat, because “Leytorrent Potion” has one cd with “Ancient Rejuvenation Potion”, but “Leytorrent Potion” give more mana.


Can someone explain me onething?
Tonight I founded an armory of Serenity’s shaman Sokila, and I got some questions. Here is armory-link:
So, first: why he stack haste? So little amount of crit and useless darkmoon trinket, why? What benefit from this?
Second: Mark of the Ancient Priestess? Why?
Third: So much high-ilvl warforged items with sockets… I’m burning with envy!


First: He/she might be going for a haste build, something Keehn has pioneered, focusing on healing wave/ surge than CH, using that to spotheal and feed good CBT’s with CDs (AG + Ascendance) for AoE healing. As for the trinket, i think it was for some testing, from what i see on armory, he has urn + brine.
Second: Now this i dont know 100%, but i would imagine that he feels that he/she has enough mastery as is and that he would benefit more from Priestess,
Third: Cant help you with that, other than i feel your pain… Been weeks since i last saw a socket..
Feel free to correct me if im wrong.