About the authors

What you can expect from us

When most people arrive on class and spec specific sites, they expect guides. Straight to the point: here is how you play your resto shaman. That is not who we are. Of course, we share our current builds. But our focus is on providing you with intermediate and advanced insights to (resto shaman) healing. How we present these insights is a continuous journey. We appreciate you joining us for the ride :).

As you may have noticed, content is not being published at a steady pace. As the years pass we constantly figure out new ways to provide content. Lives change, and so do the lives of our authors. Our love for resto shamans however, doesn’t change!

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Our community

We want to be a community where we:

  • recognize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however; opinions should not be stated as facts.
  • provide proper arguments and context.
  • do not spread false information as facts.
  • actively seek to expand and develop our knowledge: advice constantly changes and is never static.
  • can learn from the best: we always have top 10 world raid ranked resto shamans among our author team.
  • share our passion for the resto shaman – as that drives us to make and keep up this site.



The people behind chainheal.com

Dorelei (site management and editor) ScrubBusters [A] The Maelstrom-EU (active: Sept. 2015 – present)

Dorelei started chainheal.com as a platform. Through the years she published many articles, both providing perspectives on (resto shaman) healing of herself and others.Her past raid guilds include Malorum (Silvermoon-EU) and ScrubBusters (The Maelstrom-EU). She now focusses primarily on managing the website and editing content.


Lytheia (author) Revive [H] Stormreaver – US (active June 2017 – present)

Lytheia started playing WoW in Wrath. His raiding guilds included Accession (US-Stormreaver), Hard in the Paint (US-Windrunner) and now Revive(US-Stormreaver). He is frequently around the Earthshrine Discord and is more than willing to answer any questions you may have (Lyth#1324). You can also contact him on Twitter: LytheiaWoW.


Canibehealz (contributor) Temerity [A] Windrunner – US (active: July 2016 – present)

Hard to miss if you ever see shaman related stuff on Twitter or visit the Earthshrine (shaman) Discord. He is also the Wowhead resto shaman author. Canibehealz is always passionate to answer shaman questions – which he does with candid enthusiasm. You can also find Canibehealz on Twitter, but you should probably say hi to him on Discord as well.


Dunderz (contributor) Ecology [H] Kazzak-EU (active: Sept. 2015 – present)

Was the resto shaman of Pwnanza Dragon for three years, he was part of the guild’s advancement from top 100 rankings to a very impressive world 5th kill on Archimonde Mythic. Retired from hardcore raiding, he is now chilling with the guys from Ecology on Kazzak (well.. “chilling” as they still landed a world rank 22 Helya kill).


Halûcinogen (contributor) ScrubBusters [A] The Maelstrom-EU (active: Sept. 2015 – present)

Halu was a long time raider for Enraged Revolution on Ragnaros EU (horde side) where he took on raid leading duties for a period of time. He is now a steady addition to the ScrubBusters team – a guild that has been holding many world top 10 positions, for many years while never raiding before dinner.





Keehn (author) Ðanish Terrace [A] Sylvanas-EU (active: Sept. 2015 – March 2017)

Playing since Wrath, Keehn found his way to Ðanish Terrace mid-Firelands. He was a social that made it into team 3. During Dragon Soul, team 1 was in need of a healer, and he got a chance. Since then, he has been part of the guilds staggering progress from rank 3000, all the way to rank 19 on Archimond Mythic and rank 5 Xavius Mythic. Recently retired, but still a passionate resto shaman. Keehn is the new reviewer of the resto shaman guide on Icy Veins.

Nihilith (author) Reincarnated [H] Dentarg-EU (active: Dec. 2016 – Jan. 2017)

Nihilith has been an active member of the chainheal-community for quite a while. She plays the game since the launch of BC and has mained a resto shaman since Cataclysm. Her passion for the game and the spec radiates through the answers she provide people with. Therefore, we asked her to join our author team. After a short (but productive) while, she decided she needed a bit of time off from the game. She still is passionate about the site, and the community.